Innovative insurtech solutions

Creating value, revenue and differentiation for your business

Welcome to TCi

Our vision is to create innovative, market-leading, insurance products that utilise the latest technology to deliver real value to our clients and your customers. 

We use in-depth knowledge of the latest insurtech developments to add genuine differentiation to your brand. Unlike most insurtechs, we are steeped in a deep knowledge of insurance markets and customer needs. We really understand what your customers want.

What can our solutions do for you?

Increase profitability

We bring more customers to your brand, creating new revenue streams and enhancing profitability and value, simply and efficiently.

Simple application

Our solutions use the latest API technologies, providing ease of installation and maintenance. TCi become your outsourced technology partner. Our expertise lets you focus on running your business.

Our unique broker proposition

As an independent insurance broker, your clients understand the value of professional advice and service. TCi gives you access to a suite of insurtech solutions that combine new technology with traditional service, adding value to your customer relationship and providing new revenue streams for your business.

Add value to the customer journey

Our solutions are designed to make it easier and more fulfilling for your customers to do business with you, enhancing your brand and providing real market differentiation. 

Meet our team
David Lewis.jpg

David Lewis - Managing Director

David brings over 40 years of senior insurance leadership to TCi. With most of his career spent in the City, he offers extensive experience in designing innovative, market-leading insurance solutions.

Rhys Thomas - Director

Rhys is a proven senior insurance leader with a deserved reputation of innovation and vision.  Rhys is passionate about making new discoveries and plays an active role in the strategic direction of TCi.

Simon Bradwick - Director

Simon brings extensive experience in developing market capacity for traditional and novel insurance lines. With more than 25 years in the industry, Simon is a well-respected insurance specialist.

Sarah Edwards - Director

Sarah is an experienced Financial Director with a flair for strategic thinking.  Sarah has specific expertise in management accounts, financial accounting and financial analysis.

Natalie Sankala - Associate Director

Natalie has a background in leading sales, marketing and business development functions and brings a proven track ability to understand customer needs and expectations.

Lee Griffin - Non-Executive Director

With extensive insurance experience, Lee is best known for founding the hugely successful comparison site, GoCompare, for whom he continues to act as CEO. Lee brings to TCi unparalleled experience in building a truly customer focused solution.